New York State Academic Dental Centers

NYU College of Dentistry: New York Times Features Patient Care at NYU Dentistry Oral Health Center for People With Disabilities

Historically, pediatric dentists were taught how to treat patients with special needs, but general dentists weren’t. That means a child with autism might get regular checkups, but not necessarily an adult. But the N.Y.U. College of Dentistry’s Oral Health Center for People With Disabilities offers a new option for patients. Read more.



Columbia University College of Dental Medicine: Bana Al Haydar: Taking a Long Route to CDM

The two settings for Bana Al Haydar’s clearest childhood memories stand in stark contrast: One was her mother’s dental practice in Idlib, Syria, where Dr. Al Haydar grew up; the other was New York City, where she visited her father each summer. But Dr. Al Haydar’s path had many turns before she started her periodontics residency at CDM last year. Read more.